Pastoral Care Reps

Regional & Intercultural (as of August 2021)

Region 1 – EP Ted Pugh
Ricardo Quintana (Karen)

Region 2 – EP Brad Grams
Richard Amparano (Linda)

Region 3 – EP Chuck Atherton

Region 4 – EP Steve Vinson
Dale Rose (Martha)

Region 5 – EP John Martin
John Meadors (Donna)

Region 6 – EP Eli Simental
Sammy Vazquez (Terri)

Region 7 – EP Robin Donley
Ken Walters (Cheri)

Region 8 – EP Fred Rodriguez
Bill Weaver (Kandle)

Region 9 – EP Adam De La Vega
Tommy May (Gisele)

Region 10 – EP Steve Bland 
Nicky Stade (Jason)

Region 11 – EP Brian Ross
Arnel Aquino (Dianette)

Region 12 – EP Dan Bruce
Dale Stout (Donna)
Jerry Adams (Linda)

Hispanic PC Rep
Tanya Paniagua (Rudy)

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Phone: (949) 252-8400
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Address: 17951 Cowan Irvine, CA 92614