The Emotionally Healthy Leader
Peter Scazzero
How to develop a deep inner life and stay healthy in ministry.

A Guide to Ministry Self-Care
Richard P. Olson, Ruth L. Rosell, Nathan S. Marsh and Angela B. Jackson
Helps us navigate today’s ministry challenges with resilience and grace.

Managing Stress in Ministry
David & Lisa Frisbie
Helpful insights in facing the varied pressures and stresses of life, family and ministry.

The Minister’s Guide to Psychological Disorders and Treatments 
(2nd Edition), W. Brad Johnson and William L. Johnson
Highly recommended—covers all of the major ailments and disorders in conjunction with the DSM-5 manual, written specifically for pastors).

The Struggle is Real: How to Care for Mental and Relational Health Needs in the Church
Tim Clinton and Jared Pingleton, Editors (Expanded Edition)
Offers a wide range of chapters on vital topics by various key authors.

Lay Counseling: Equipping Christians for a Helping Ministry(Revised and Updated)
Siang-Yang Tan & Eric T. Scalise
Dr. Siang-Yang Tan from Fuller Seminary (a pastor, licensed psychologist and professor); our speaker at 2017 Ministers Retreat. His more technical book, Counseling and Psychotherapy: A Christian Perspective, part 3 of the book excellent, “A Christian Approach to Counseling and Psychotherapy”).

Helping Groups Heal: Leading Small Groups in the Process of Transformation
Jan Paul Hook, Joshua N. Hook and Don E. Davis.
Focuses on the “Healing Cycle” for enrich relationships and enhance growth within groups.

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